SMART BIDET SEAT - Maro D'Italia Di800 Piave Aqualet


• This bidet seat is the latest toilet bidet seat from Maro D'Italia

• Its extremely low profile and modern design will upgrade any bathroom

• Among some of the advanced features that come with Maro Di800 is a single multi-function nozzle, with oscillation and pulsating functions

• No other Japanese toilet bidet seat has as thick and high quality cover seat as Di800 UF-Urea resin material (Duroplast)

• A true partnership of beauty and functionality

SMART BIDET SEAT - Maro D'Italia Di800 Piave Aqualet

$1,514.00 Regular Price
$1,195.00Sale Price
  • Some of the nice extra functions Maro D'Italia Di800 Piave offers

    • Soft Closing lid & seat

    • Oscillating spray

    • Power saving ECO mode

    • ​Spray arm position can be set individually 

    • ​Separate Lady shower

    • ​Toilet seat heating 

    • ​Warm air dryer

    • Cutting-edge Ceramic Instant Heater

    • Easy cleaning

    • ​Practical and easy to maintain

    • ​Perfect cleanliness

    • ​Automatic nozzle cleaning

    • ​Auto Function

    • ​Top marks for ergonomic seat design

    • No more toilet paper!

  • • Basic instructions (ENG)

    • Hyundai Water Softening Filter

    • Installation instructions / Manual (ENG)

    • Screws

    • Bolts

    • Mounting board (installation material)

    • T-connector

    • Wash & Dry toilet seat