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• Quoss bidet’s warm water rinse combined with the drying function prevents bacterial infection, much more sanitary than toilet paper alone

• Quoss technology provides the ultimate cleaning power to eliminate bacteria causing residue

• Bidet washes greatly reduce feminine complications, especially for pregnant woman who should never bend too much at the waist in protection of the baby

• Quoss bidets have dedicated kids’ functions and made easy to use for the elderly as well as patients who have just had a debilitating medical condition

• Dedicated feminine washing help woman stay clean and refreshed by reducing the risk of bladder infections

• Warm water rinse enhances blood circulation around the capillaries and is strongly recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation

• Pressurized water cleansing helps to prevent hemorrhoids for any persons who have to sit for long hours during the day

• Stylish and elegant, Quoss bidets instantly elevate the home, apartment, or hotel to a luxurious class


  • • Instantaneous heating technology saves you energy and money

    • Cleansing technology mixes 700cc of water with 500cc of air, making the washing process faster and smoother, while simultaneously saving you up to 500cc of water per minute

    • Fully adjustable water temperatures

    • Easy access with wireless handheld remote control

    • Built in UV lamp disinfects and kills bacteria when bidet is not in use

    • Deodorizing function freshen the entire toilet area

    • Optional air freshener socket for your own favorite scent over and over again

    • Automatic self-cleaning nozzle with one push of a button

    • Multiple energy saving functions for long term or short term

    • Continuous water with a solid, constant temperature ensures the most comfortable washes

    • Easy, user friendly remote gives the power to the user

    • Available in a universal elongated size which fits 99% of all toilet bowls

    • Removable twin wash nozzles for superior cleanliness

    • Includes a water purifying filter for the cleanest water possible

    • Smart Seat Sensor detects body and skin to only activate when a real person is seated

    • Built in temperature detector prevents any overheating on the bidet

    • Freeze Protection System technology prevents the bidet from freezing even in extremely cold temperatures

    • Etiquette Music function for personal, private usage without embarrassing sounds

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