• Safety sense: nano antibacterial, air isolation, spout self-cleaning, spout cleaning, live water purification, BOOST ultra clean wash

• Intimate feeling: one-button cleaning, damping slowdown, night soft light, remote control flushing, automatic flushing, power saving mode, variable frequency heat, laxative detoxification, tube position adjustment, seat ring sensing, memory function, remote control, intelligent Power saving

• Sense of trust: water and electricity separation, eight protection, self-cleaning glaze, business model, power outage

• Pleasure: 3D stereo massage, automatic deodorization, unlimited wash, seat body temperature adaptive, bubble spray, hip spray, female spray, mobile spray, hot and cold spray, water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment, Adjustable nozzle position, seat heating, warm air drying, seat temperature adjustment, air temperature adjustment

• Freedom: APP control, microwave induction, auto flip, RF remote control, foot flip, foot flip, foot touch

• Inspiration: craft master ceramic craft, minimalist appearance


  • • 3D stereo massage
    Take the spa concept, intelligently adjust the water pressure, hot water, warm water alternate bubble spray, petting in the massage

    • APP control
    Intelligent operating system, online control anytime, anywhere, flexible interaction, online upgrade

    • RF remote control
    2.4G RF remote control automatic frequency modulation and two-way transmission mode, to achieve long-term no dead angle, no interference remote control, no harm to the elderly and children

    • The foot touches the flush
    The toes are lightly touched, making it easy to flip, flush, no need to bend over, no need to reach out, giving people the freedom to raise their hands

    • Automatic flip cover, foot flip ring flip (high version)

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